The Deppartment of English was established to edify the students of English Language in this region. Through this Programme learners can get the multiple personality. Literature is the pavement for the students for leading a genuine and peaceful future. To add an another feather in our cap the management and principal of this institution have decided to offer PG Course in Literature to the students of this downtrodden area. Even PG course offers umpteen opportunities as golden handshake in future.


Name Qualification Designation Date of Joining Email Experience Image
Mr.R.D.Nelson Daniel M.A.,M.Phil.,B.Ed., HOD & Assistant Professor 06.08.2006 17 Years
Mr.S.Selvakumar M.A.,B.Ed., Assistant Professor 03.12.2012 10 Years
Mr.M.Rajadivakar M.A.,M.Phil.,B.Ed., Assistant Professor 03.02.2014 8 Years
Mr.N.Sulaiman M.A.,M.Phil.,B.Ed., Assistant Professor 16.06.2014 8 Years
Mr.V.Yoga Lakshmi M.A.,B.Ed.,SET., Assistant Professor 01.07.2021 1 years
Mr.H.Mohamed Jahubar Ali M.A., Teaching Assistant 25.10.2021
Mrs.N.Vimala M.A.,B.Ed., Teaching Assistant 01.11.2021
Mr.P.Sakthi Priyan M.A.,M.Phil., Assistant Professor 23.08.2022
Ms.K.Kanimozhi M.A.,NET., Assistant Professor 01.02.2023
Ms.S.Umamageswari M.A.,M.Phil.,D.T.Ed., Assistant Professor 01.02.2023
Ms.N.Jakkina Amina M.A.,B.Ed, Assistant Professor 01.02.2023