Discipline Committee

Discipline is the bridge between goals and achievement. Hence education should bring the moral, ethical values of well being, platform to learners and should strive hard to bring in the core human values in the process of learning


The committee mainly focuses on

  • Solving students’ related issues and Creating a secured environment in the college.
  • Making the students aware about the disciplines, rules and instructions to follow.
  • Taking disciplinary action against any of the misbehavior.

  • Responsibilities

    To ensure quiet and peaceful academic atmosphere in the campus. To avoid physical conflict among students. To ensure all the students wear ID Cards while they are entering the campus. To prohibit cell phone usage by the students in the Campus. To monitor the movement of the students in the college and prevent students loitering around in the corridor during the class hours.

    Name Position
    Mr. R.D. Nelson Daniel Convener
    DRr. K. Thavasi Lingam Member
    Mr. A. Abdul Sardhar Member
    Dr. M. Anand Member
    Mr. S. Selvakumar Member
    Mr. K. Kasikumar Member
    Mr. B. Karthick Member
    Ms. J .Malar Member